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Versatility of the live, browser-based, high definition image sharing system allows doctors in various fields of both human and veterinarian medicine to confer with colleagues to ensure a timely diagnosis.

Remote Medical Technologies iMedHD2™ Telemedicine Systems are seen to be productive throughout a wide range of medical fields.  Pathologists, radiologists, veterinarians, and technicians are successfully experiencing the advanced capabilities of collaborating with other healthcare personnel for improved patient care.  Starting with patient diagnosis, seen in fine needle aspirates (FNA) and Tumor Boards (TBNA), and continuing through Telepathology, Teleradiology, and Telesurgery.  These multiple capabilities are not limited to human diagnosis, as we see the system being used in many areas of veterinarian organizations as well.

The benefits of such a versatile system are being seen across multiple fields of medicine because the adaptable system can progress with patient care, which ultimately saves time and saves lives.  Founder and CEO, Don Marchon, has been exhibiting these systems across the nation at various trade shows.  While attending the most recent annual meeting for digestive diseases, Marchon demonstrated the endoscopic Tele-ultrasound system.  He explains, “We allow doctors and physicians with a common user interface to easily collaborate to the benefit of the patient.  For example, we have witnessed firsthand the advantage of gastroenterologists working with a remote pathologist for treatment of pancreatic cancer saving valuable time by utilizing the expertise of the pathologist in the endoscopy suite, when they are needed, and not having them wait around.  The gastroenterologists then share images so they are all on the same page of knowing exactly what is happening along the way. Such telemedicine is breaking down the barriers on immediate, live, dynamic communication among modalities- and not just pathologists.”  iMedHD2™ Telemedicine Systems are both patient and productivity centered while improving hospital workflow with the objective of better patient outcomes and higher revenues with lower costs.

To learn more about the iMedHD2™ Telemedicine System capabilities or receive an online demonstration, visit www.rmtcentral.com or email info@rmtcentral.com.

About Remote Medical Technologies:

Remote Medical Technologies is the creator of an innovative patented technology for delivery of Internet based premium telemedicine services. The company is a Limited Liability Corporation headquartered in New York. RMT provides a best-in-class web-based video, voice, collaboration and administration platform. With simply the use of a browser the solution is easy to deploy, operate and manage. This customization and extendable multimedia services platform is a modular, non-fragmented approach to extending a healthcare organization’s communications infrastructure.

Be it across the street or around the globe, RMT drives telemedicine concepts and provides solutions that save lives.