Frequently Asked Questions about the rmtConnectPlus™ Telemedicine Systems

The information below addresses many of the questions we receive from IT folks, physicians, and others in health care organizations. If you have a question you don’t see answered, please email us or call 855-867-3040.

Questions have been grouped by topic, with IT and security questions up front.

What are the minimum system requirements?

In addition to the rmtConnectPlus™ system and its components, you will need a broadband Internet connection and a device – a desktop, laptop or tablet.

Each person on the system will require 2 megabytes (Mb) per second of bandwidth for the best video / live sharing experience.

Is this telemedicine solution HIPAA compliant?

Yes! No one can view images or connect to your system until you send a URL via email or through your desktop icon. Once the recipient clicks on the email and requests login, you then authenticate the request (also called “approval authentication process”).

The rmtConnectPlus™ platform audits and monitors session status without access to or knowledge of the content of the information exchanged between session participants.

How secure is the rmtConnectPlus™ product?

The rmtConnectPlus system delivers best-in-class security and meets existing and future requirements. The system employs token passing and video encryption.

The heart of the rmtConnectPlus system, is by a permission-based network platform that, in conjunction with our MPA, allows for the secure transmission and receipt of video, audio and data between two or more interested parties in telemedical environments and markets.
The rmtConnectPlus platform:

  • Accepts session requests and invitations
  • Validates requests, replies and acknowledgements
  • Securely brokers session participants together within an Internet protocol session for the purpose of exchanging live data, audio and video.
  • Monitors the session status, all without access to or knowledge of the content of the information exchanged between meeting participants
What type of browser do I need to have?

rmtConnectPlus™ works on both Windows® or Mac® systems as well as most all popular browsers: Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and FireFox.

Can I use rmtConnectPlus™ on my laptop, tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android devices?

Absolutely! Because it’s browser-based, you can view all images – LIVE -no matter which device you’re using. All you need is a broadband Internet connection.

How many people can use the system at any given time?

The standard rmtConnectPlus™ PRO and the rmtConnectPlus™ PRO Expansion systems each allow 5 concurrent users – with the option to upgrade in stages to Unlimited. The rmtConnectPlus™ LITE system allows three concurrent users with the option to upgrade to PRO for additional users.

Does the system work with any microscope?

Yes, most cameras are easily attached to any manufacturer microscope using a C-Mount. You do not need to change or buy new scopes to use the rmtConnectPlus Telepathology system.

Does the system work with any ultrasound machine?

Yes, the system is designed to protect your investment and enhance your workflow.  You do not need to change or buy a new ultrasound machine to use the rmtConnectPlus Teleultrasound system.

Is the system portable?

You can wheel the rmtConnectPlus™ with Wireless Gateway Device system into any room for instant decision making in live sessions.

Is the rmtConnectPlus™ system expandable?

Of course! You can add additional users, cameras, ultrasounds machines, and stations. The system also accommodates VoIP/Voice and Webcam Video with VoIP.

Is the rmtConnectPlus™ system upgradable?

Absolutely! If required, you can purchase the rmtConnectPlus Lite solution and upgrade to higher performing Pro and Pro-Expansion systems at any time. Only RMT provides clients an upgradable and expandable solution offering that protects your investment.

What can I expect during the implementation process?

The implementation process is generally very easy – most organizations are up and running quickly. The system is very user-friendly and requires minimal training. RMT designs a custom Implementation and Support Plan for each system being installed. RMT and the client know that a given installation will be successful prior to the equipment arriving at the facility.

For organizations with complex IT systems / networks, we can work with you to phase in an rmtConnectPlus system that includes multiple locations and components.

What if I need technical support?

Remote Medical Technologies offers unlimited support for the first 30 days after installation. We also offer three packages with various levels of support to suit specific client requirements. Please contact your sales representative for additional information.

Does RMT provide training assistance?

Yes, we offer “at-a-distance” remote training as well on site implementation and training. Please ask your sale representative for details.