Live Browser Based Interactive Ultrasound

Confer With Colleagues Around The Corner Or Around The World

Connect the rmtConnect™ Teleultrasound System to your ultrasound machine for easy, real-time, high definition sharing. With the rmtConnect system, you can set up consultations with primary care physicians or colleagues on the fly – ensuring timely patient care.

rmtConnect™ eliminates having to grab screen shots, emailing them, and then waiting (and waiting and waiting) for a response. Instead, you send a secure URL from your desktop icon to your colleague – who sees what you see – in dynamic real-time and in high definition.

Why consider the rmtConnect Teleultrasound System?

  • Real-Time High Definition Performance – The only system to feature the capabilities of up to 1920 x 1080 HD for spectacularly crisp live views.
  • Improved Patient Care – Patients can receive an immediate decision or follow up on the spot versus having to wait for a consulting physician or pathologist.
  • Intuitive & Easy To Use – Session attendees need not download software; all they do is log on through the secure URL that can be accessed from a desktop icon.
  • HIPAA Secure – The system employs token passing and video encryption.
  • Works On Most Popular Browsers Or Devices – From PC to Mac, iPad to Android mobile device, Safari to Firefox, rmtConnect works on a desktop, laptop or tablet, and smartphone – for live imaging consultations, anytime, anywhere.
  • Remote Educational Purposes – Remote hands-on training to and from facilities.
  • Risk Mitigation – Capture and store images and video


Video play button VIEW VIDEO: RMT Founder and CEO, Don Marchon, discusses Remote Medical Technologies Teleradiology/Teleultrasound Capabilities.