The First Remote-Controlled LIVE Macroscopic Imaging System

Real-time high-definition image sharing is essential to efficiently examine human tissue and promptly gather diagnostically critical information for processing.

The scalable capabilities of our dynamic, rmtConnectPlus™-Grossing station allow physicians and technicians to share HD gross images over the Internet. With live interaction, immediate instruction can be given about what part of the specimen needs to be sampled for further review.

With little to no experience necessary, pathology assistants can easily stream images in real-time anywhere, capture video and snapshots, annotate, and measure gross specimens.

Remote Medical Technologies offers the rmtConnectPlus™-Gross1080 and the rmtConnectPlus™-Gross720.

  • Web-based technology works seamlessly with PC or Mac, desktops or tablets, iPad, iPhone, or Android devices
  • Safe, secure and HIPAA-compliant broadcast of gross specimens over the Internet.
  • System can be mounted anywhere (high ceiling or wall) to maximize space and reduce clutter. It can also be put on a mobile cart for stand-alone use.
  • Dynamic autofocusing capabilities provide excellent high definition imaging.
  • Customizable and upgradable add-ons available, including live video with VOIP and multi-user Webcam.