Exceeds Demanding Digital Pathology Requirements

When it comes to making instant decision accurately and quickly sharing the results, visual clarity is critical. The more precise and prompt the decision, the faster treatment can be made for better patient outcomes.

To help pathologists, physicians and surgeons experience real-time collaborative decision-making, Remote Medical Technologies offers the rmtConnectPlus™-Scope, a unique suite of 1080p HD image sharing for Microscope-based telepathology.

A powerful, high-performance and scalable product, the rmtConnectPlus™-Scope provides exceptional image quality at both low and high magnification levels.

The rmtConnectPlus™-Scope easily attaches to any manufacturer’s microscope using a C-mount adapter – for easy, fast live sharing and collaboration.

The Benefits of the rmtConnectPlus™-Scope Systems

  • Scalable and expandable product options that fit any requirement or budget, allowing you to protect your investment and upgrade seamlessly at any time
  • Web based technology works seamlessly with desktop PCs or Macs, mobile devices or tablets
  • Eliminates scanning, special hardware or software
  • Enables live sharing of tissue slides and fine-needle aspirations
  • Allows virtual session participants to see your slide just as you do
  • Portable system enables immediate decisions from OR, the lab, anywhere or anytime you need to share a slide

Remote Robotic Control Telemicroscopy Solution

rmtConnectPlus™ Remote Robotic Control allows users to participate in a live, highly secure HD telepathology session in which Olympus BX family scope images are shared with remote pathologists in real-time.

rmtConnectPlus™ maximizes performance, image quality, security and dramatically enhances clinician workflows to a whole new level. Effortlessly load multiple slides onto the stage for remote clinicians to easily navigate. 

How is the rmtConnectPlus™ Remote Robotic Control Solution different from the rest?

The incredibly intuitive solution differentiates itself from the rest in so many ways.

  • Other products in the market space require 3rd party applications to screen share and control a PC that manages the device. RMT has built the entire system and network architecture within the product, so you access and get the live imaging directly from the high-powered instrument with NO intermediary 3rd PARTY APPLICATIONS!
  • This RMT design results in higher performance in live dynamic imaging and clinician workflow. It also reduces the time for the clinicians by making decisions in 3 easy steps utilizing rmtOneClick™.
  • It is the only system on the market that has a 3-chip CMOS camera showing multiple levels of depth within its imaging.
  • The customizable and expandable system has best-in-class in-session rmtInvite™ communication capability that allows session moderators to quickly invite multiple guests directly into a session via phone call, text, and email. VoiceNet enables all participants to communicate with WebCam and VoIP with simply one click of a button.
  • rmtFocusAssist™ is a feature in itself that truly dazzles its users. This feature is for a difficult-to-read specimen, typically experienced with cytopathology when fluid is present on the slide. With this feature, the user can select from several z-plane locations ideal for viewing the required image.