Remote Robotic Control Telemicroscopy Solution

rmtConnectPlus™ Remote Robotic Control allows users to participate in a live, highly secure HD telepathology session in which Olympus BX family scope images are shared with remote pathologists in real-time.

rmtConnectPlus™ maximizes performance, image quality, security and dramatically enhances clinician workflows to a whole new level. Effortlessly load multiple slides onto the stage for remote clinicians to easily navigate. 

How is the rmtConnectPlus™ Remote Robotic Control Solution different from the rest?

The incredibly intuitive solution differentiates itself from the rest in so many ways.

  • No 3rd party applications to screen share and control.  Other products in the market space require 3rd party applications to screen share and to control a PC that manages the device.  RMT has built the entire system and network architecture within the product, so you access and get the live imaging directly from the high-powered instrument with NO intermediary 3rd PARTY APPLICATIONS!  
  • Make assessments in minutes.  This RMT design results in higher performance in live dynamic imaging and clinician workflow.  It also reduces the time for the clinicians by making decisions in 3 easy steps utilizing rmtOneClick™ technology.   
  • Impeccable image quality.  It is the only system on the market that offers a 3-chip CMOS camera showing additional depth within its imaging.  
  • Built in In-Session Communications.  The customizable and expandable system has best-in-class in-session rmtInvite communication capability that allows session moderators to quickly invite multiple guests directly into a session via phone call, text, and email.  VoiceNet enables all participants to communicate with WebCam and VoIP with simply one click of a button.  
  • Z-Plane focus assistance.  rmtFocusAssist™ is a feature in itself that truly dazzles its users.  This feature is for a difficult-to-read specimen, typically experienced with cytopathology when fluid is present on the slide.  With this feature, the user can select from several z-plane locations ideal for viewing the required image.