How It Works

How It Works – rmtConnectPlus Telepathology System

The core of the rmtConnectPlus System is the RMT Multi-Protocol Appliance (MPA) and Internet/Intranet connectivity.

The video camera, which is attached to a microscope or mounted above a Grossing Station, via the MPA, sends the image directly from the microscope or station by means of broadband connection, to the session participants’ web browsers.

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The pathologist or clinician initiating the session simply clicks on their RMT desktop icon or sends each participant a secure URL and password via email or through their desktop icon. When the participant clicks on their desktop icon or URL, they are taken to a secure landing page and prompted to login. Once the session initiator sees the login, they then “authorize” the login.


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Participants can then see whatever image is on the slide or remotely controllable intelligent camera system (iCam) immediately. The pathologist can move the slide in all directions, highlight a cell or section of the tissue being viewed as well as annotate it, and increase microscope resolution for HD image views down to the sub-nuclear level.

When using the RMT Intelligent Camera System (for Grossing or Autopsy), the pathologist can remotely zoom in or out for close up views of specimens as well as annotate images to illustrate specific areas on the specimen, and more features that are viewed by all participants concurrently.

Session participants do not need to download any software or learn how to use the system before joining a meeting. Pathologists do not require any image or tissue slide scanning – and after initial training in how to use the system – can begin holding sessions immediately.

Video play button VIEW VIDEO: RMT Founder and CEO, Don Marchon, discusses Remote Medical Technologies telemedicine features in this brief demonstration.

What People Are Saying …

“Remote Medical Technologies has made it possible for our patients to receive optimal diagnosis from highly specialized diagnostic pathologists. I’ve met no other vendor as dedicated or detail oriented as RMT. They truly believe that our success drives their success.”

Robert J. Black
Pathology Imaging Specialist
University of Chicago Medicine