RMT Exceeds Customer Expectations with Outstanding Product Support

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RMT Exceeds Customer Expectations with Outstanding Product Support

Ensuring Customers Obtain the Most Value from Their Live-Dynamic Telemedicine Solution

Remote Medical Technologies (RMT) dedicates all resources to provide the most secure and best quality telemedicine products in the industry. RMT delivers a true real-time (live) telemedicine solution for pathologists and radiologists with iMedHD2™. Blue-chip medical centers and universities praise the RMT solution for being the most cost-effective, secure, and most user-friendly solution to share and collaborate with colleagues at remote locations easily. Not only are RMT’s products of the highest image resolution and performance speed, but they stand by their solutions with outstanding Product Support. RMT is keenly aware of the expectations that end users require and continue to provide the utmost customer service in addition to cutting-edge products.

Long downtime and inefficient processes often result in vast productivity and financial losses. RMT believes it is their responsibility to provide ongoing unlimited assistance of system upgrades, troubleshooting as well as implementation and training. RMT automatically apprises and performs routine maintenance to core application capabilities, therefore IT Departments and End Users are burden-free. Unlimited troubleshooting assistance is always available for IT and Medical Personnel. Implementation and Training are included with each installation as it is RMT’s policy to ensure that end users and IT personnel are comfortable and proficient with their iMedHD2™ Solution setup and functionality. Rest assured that RMT grants its clients with the freedom to focus on what matters most- providing excellent patient care.