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Remote Medical Technologies Unveils Entirely New Website

Visitors can now easily navigate through the site and learn more about the various capabilities and versatile product line.

October 8, 2014- Melville, NY- Remote Medical Technologies (RMT) is pleased to announce the complete revamp of their website to better reflect their capabilities within multiple fields of diagnostic imaging. The website clearly showcases their versatile technology. In addition to providing solutions in the field of pathology, RMT has proven that their technology addresses cross specialty requirements in the medical fields of human and veterinary microscopy, radiology and surgery. As an industry leader in the field of secure remote telepathology, tele-ultrasound and tele-surgery, RMT gives doctors dynamic real-time, high definition images and clarity with a large field of view from multiple medical devices. RMT goes beyond sharing live high definition images through the web by also providing an intuitive easy-to-use workflow process to enable doctors to efficiently and effectively make decisions.
Human and Veterinary pathologists, ultrasound physicians and technicians, and tumor board members are accessing RMT’s iMedHD2™ to streamline their daily operations, as the new website distinctively depicts. Founder and CEO of Remote Medical Technologies, Don Marchon, adds, “It’s exciting to see our website grow along with our product line to help doctors save lives.” Remote Medical Technologies’ primary focus, the original iMedHD™ solution, was designed to address many application requirements within their family of scope and grossing products. The Pathology, Surgery and Ultrasound applications are only a few of these growing areas of focus. Secure, live, Internet sharing and collaboration of true high definition images with simply the use of a browser can be cost-effectively used in many ways. Landing pages and subpages within the site, specifically HOW IT WORKS, inform visitors how RMT differentiates itself from other imaging solutions. Demonstrational videos posted on the Webinars & Webcast page assist viewers in fully comprehending how the scalable technology can easily integrate with any existing system. The iMedHD™ package is a secure medical device transmission offering for live, high definition and high resolution collaboration.
Newsroom features announce RMT’s participation in multiple trade shows and annual meetings, which are announced in Upcoming Events. Blog posts and Press Releases pages keep their audience up to date on most recent company and industry announcements and trends. Visitors to the new site can easily download informational material and sign up for quarterly newsletters through their Contact page. Information on this adaptable technology within multiple fields of medicine is now easier to find and understand. Visit www.rmtcentral.com to acquire more information of the iMedHD™ solution, view videos on product overviews or client testimonials, or inquire about upcoming events.

Questions? Want to learn more? Call us toll-free at 855-867-3040, email RMT at info@rmtcentral.com or contact Remote Medical Technologies online at www.rmtcentral.com.

About Remote Medical Technologies, LLC.
Remote Medical Technologies is the creator of an innovative patented technology for delivery of Internet based premium telemedicine services. The company is a Limited Liability Corporation headquartered in New York. RMT provides a best-in-class web-based video, voice, collaboration and administration platform. With simply the use of a browser the solution is easy to deploy, operate and manage. This customizable and extendable multimedia services platform is a modular, non-fragmented approach to extending a healthcare organization’s communications infrastructure. Be it across the street or around the globe, RMT drives telemedicine concepts and provides solutions that save lives.

iMedHD2 Tele-Ultrasound System Making Great Strides in Radiology

Remote Medical Technologies iMedHD2™ Tele-Ultrasound System gives doctors and technicians alike the advanced capabilities to collaborate with primary care physicians and other healthcare personnel for improved patient care.  Pathologists, radiologists, sonographers, and surgeons are applauding this technology because it allows immediate diagnosis and treatment, thereby saving time and improving patient care.  This technology is the only system to feature up to 1920 x 1080 pixels for a true high definition image sharing performance without pixilation.  The iMedHD2™ Tele-Ultrasound System is able to capture images, video, and audio from real-time sharing, all through a HIPAA secure system that employs token passing and video encryption.  This live Tele-Ultrasound system works on most popular browsers or devices for PC and MAC, including iPads, iPhones, and Android devices, making it the most mobile of teleradiology solutions.  One of the strongest features of this system is the live, dynamic annotation sharing capabilities among all participants that allow doctors and physicians with a common user interface to easily collaborate for the benefit of the patient.  Healthcare facilities are now streamlining the process from diagnosis to treatment resulting in better workflow, higher revenue, and lower costs.

Remote Medical Technologies (RMT) is also seeing the iMedHD2™ Tele-Ultrasound System being used for remote, hands-on training to and from facilities for educational purposes.  Founder and CEO of RMT, Don Marchon, says, “I believe that because our system is intuitive, easy to use, and has the flexibility to be carted to any location, educational facilities are incorporating our technology into their daily operations.”  The versatility of the systems allows for multipurpose use through various fields and industries ranging from general imaging to OB/GYN, breast, cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, urology, vascular and musculoskeletal imaging stemming into intervention biopsies and fine needle aspirations.  Unlike conventional systems that require special hardware at each end, are limited to specific point-to-point communication processing, or require client software downloads, RMT only requires a broadband Internet connection.  Additionally, optional Voice-over IP, document presentation, and annotation sharing capabilities are available.

Watch a Brief Overview of the iMedHD2™ Tele-Ultrasound System

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