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Pathology Leaders to Share Lessons Learned and Significant Benefits Realized Utilizing Remote Medical Technologies’ Telecytology Solution At ASC 2018

Two of RMT’s Industry Leading Medical Facilities will present the benefits of utilizing the iMedHD2™ Mobile-Cart Solution in a scheduled workshop during the conference. Along with this honor, RMT will be providing a preliminary view into the next generation of their Telecytology Solution.


Remote Medical Technologies (RMT) will be participants at the American Society of Cytopathology’s (ASC) 2018 66th Annual Scientific Meeting being held in Washington, DC on November 11th and 12th. The highly acclaimed iMedHD2™ Mobile-Cart and Scope Solution s, as well as the accompanying RMTConnect™ application for iOS and Android, will be exhibited at the meeting. These solutions contain the features and benefits of a high-performance HD telecytology solution that allows users to securely share cytology images directly from any microscope in dynamic, live, real-time (with absolutely no scanning required) to many remote cytopathologists. RMT has cleverly combined their telepathology technology with a purpose-built mobile cart, and industrial strength wireless connectivity, for rapid on-site evaluations (ROSE). So clever, that RMT clientele are highlighting the fiscal and operational benefits in a scheduled workshop open for all ASC attendees. These two highly-reputable facilities have implemented an astonishing number of adequacies and have seen a significant return on their investment since incorporating RMT into their daily workflows and are showcasing this information in a highly anticipated lecture scheduled during the event.

RMT’s iMedHD2™ is widely known for being the most mobile telecytology technology on the market. This application gives users the ability to quickly and securely participate in live, dynamic streaming of HD video and audio sessions from their PC, MAC, iPhone™ or iPad™. Moderators allow guest participants to join a session, jointly annotate images, and record snapshots and movies for instant image sharing and decision-making among collaborating experts. RMT is the only provider in the industry that allows for highly secure, live, real-time image and video streaming. They will be proving once again that they are always steps ahead by giving a “sneak peek” into their next generation of telecytology. This unveiling will give users a preliminary view into future performance, image quality, and security benefits of telecytology.

RMT Founder and CEO, Don Marchon, adds, “RMT does so much more than provide a ‘one-size-fits-all’ telepathology solution. We believe that our clients’ success drives RMT success. We tailor each implementation to meet the mission-critical requirements of that medical organization. Successful results are evident in our clients’ validated findings.” Blue-chip medical facilities utilizing the iMedHD2™ Mobile-Cart Solution are seeing an enhanced workflow with a significant return on their investments. These results have been repeatedly proven and published in several medical journals throughout the year. The iMedHD2™ purpose-built technology improves patient outcomes and increases medical facility revenue while significantly reducing costs.

Visit RMT at booth #100 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel for the 66th Annual Scientific Meeting to receive a hands-on demonstration and learn more about how your medical facility could benefit from this state-of-the-art technology.

About Remote Medical Technologies, LLC.
Remote Medical Technologies is the creator of an innovative patented technology for delivery of Internet-based premium telemedicine services. The company is a Limited Liability Corporation headquartered in New York. RMT provides a best-in-class web-based video, voice, collaboration and administration platform. With merely the use of a browser, the solution is easy to deploy, operate and manage. This customizable and extendable multimedia services platform is a modular, non-fragmented approach to extending a healthcare organization’s communications infrastructure. Be it across the street or around the globe, RMT drives telemedicine concepts and provides solutions that save lives.

Remote Medical Technologies Advances the Field of Cytopathology

The newly unveiled iMedHD2™ Mobile Cart-Based Telepathology Solution provides distinct live, dynamic, imaging performance, and cost-effective sustainability for decision-making confidence.

Remote Medical Technologies (RMT), the leader in state–of-the-art, high definition dynamic telemedicine solutions, is pleased to announce the iMedHD2™ Mobile Cart-Based Telepathology Solution. This new and innovative product is designed specifically to provide medical facilities real-time, high definition image sharing directly from the operating or procedure room to remote pathologists.

This highly secure and compact mobile workstation contains all components of RMT’s Scope-Based technology. This new product consists of a high performance RMT Multi-Protocol Appliance, an iServ encoding system, and a 1080p camera and matte finish monitor mounted directly onto an easy-to-roll mobile cart with optional height adjustment and Universal Power Supply. Pristine live-dynamic HD video is streamed to remote pathologists from any room the cart is located. Immediate consultations on Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) biopsies are now faster and easier.

Having learned first-hand from their clients, RMT has thought of everything when it comes to ease of use and saving valuable time. RMT Founder and CEO, Don Marchon, explains, “…the iMedHD2™ Mobile Cart is designed and proven to help healthcare facilities streamline the process of instant decision making and patient treatment resulting in better workflow, higher revenue, and lower costs.” Cytopathologists appreciate the heavy duty 42” cart, which offers ample storage and workspace with exceptional stability. A spacious 36’ x 24’ HDPE work surface allows for easy cleaning and disinfecting. Grommet-mounted, VESA compliant, monitor mounts are included for easy focal length adjustments and optimum viewing along with surface mounted, anti-theft, security brackets for any microscope to keep the unit securely in place. The uniquely designed staining jar container can be easily cleaned and securely moved to any location on the large cart-top workspace to accommodate desired customizable cytotechnician workflows. With the rapid increase of FNA procedures being performed, clinicians have a new way to effectively process significantly more procedures resulting in improved patient outcomes while meeting and exceeding medical facility financial objectives.

Watch a brief video demonstration and learn more about the iMedHD2™ Mobile Cart-Based Telepathology Solution. To receive an online demonstration or implement a pilot program at your facility, please visit http://www.rmtcentral.com or email info@rmtcentral.com

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