RMT and Nikon Instruments Partner to Offer New Telepathology Solution, by Amanda Lowe

This week I saw a demonstration of “Be There Be Anywhere™” and spoke with RMT founder & CEO, Don Marchon … Although I only had time for a short demonstration, I was very impressed! Don was using a Nikon 50i microscope, to deliver live, real-time images of a thin prep cytology slide. The 50i was equipped with RMT’s iMEDHD™ package; the key component of “Be There Anywhere™” solution. During the demo we launched our webcams, talked via VOIP, and I watched Don (from the comfort of my living room) deliver a PowerPoint presentation via RMT’s web conference application that could easily rival WebEx or GoToMeeting. The speed was amazing, but the image quality was like nothing I’ve seen before in telepathology! It really was HD!

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