Remote Medical Technologies, LLC. has released its iMedHD2™ telepathology system, an improvement from the existing iMedHD™ telemedicine system platform. Remote Medical Technologies (RMT) has continued to improve upon their existing technological advancements in remote telepathology with live, real-time, high definition imaging.

Pathologists, radiologists, and surgeons alike will concur that Remote Medical Technologies clearly understands the daily operational use of telepathology by refining their current technology to the new iMedHD2™.  This understanding is shown by the new development of DisplayMapper™ technology. DisplayMapper™ eliminates pre-existing scroll bars by adapting to participants computer monitor in order for them to continue to view high definition microscope and grossing images in live, real-time, regardless of screen resolution. DisplayMapper™ will save time and improve diagnostic results, by automatically scaling and mapping to your devices screen resolution and allowing full-screen mode views.  Don Marchon, Founder and CEO, states “high definition imaging in real-time should never be compromised by screen resolution.”  Sharing high definition images from a monitor display of either 1024 x 768 or 1920 x 1080 will not deter users from being able to collaborate on microscope or grossing specimen images.

This adaptive technology found with iMedHD2™ also continues to provide users with the capabilities to take full screen snapshots or record to their PC or MPA.  Lastly, an improvement to the drawing panel allows users to annotate and share notes in full screen mode as well.


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