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Personalized Flexibility and Ideal Comfort Found in Remote Medical Technologies’s Wireless Height Adjustable Mobile Cart for Rapid Onsite Evaluations

With a wireless height adjustable mobile cart for rapid on-site evaluations (ROSE), laboratory management can transform daily FNA tasks easily into a highly effective workflow engine to help patients and create new revenue streams for the medical organization.

Melville, NY-  August 21, 2019 — Remote Medical Technologies’ (RMT) innovative Height Adjustable Mobile Cart-Based Telecytology Solution with wireless capabilities is a purpose-built collaborative solution to significantly improve the efficiency of rapid onsite evaluations for better patient care. Technicians and doctors alike receive highly secure, live-dynamic high definition images from this mobile system for immediate decision-making with remote pathologists. With the rapid increase of fine-needle aspiration (FNA) procedures for ROSE being performed, clinicians have a new way to effectively process significantly more procedures resulting in improved patient outcomes while meeting and exceeding medical facility financial objectives.

This compact solution consists of a high-performance RMT Multi-Protocol Appliance, and on the wireless mobile cart an iServ encoding system, a 1080p camera, a 21-inch LED-backlit monitor mounted directly onto an easy-to-roll mobile cart, Universal Power Supply, and a Wireless Gateway Device. Height is electronically controlled from 25” to 50” with four programmable preset heights for the work surface and has infinitely adjustable up/down controls. The pristine live-dynamic HD video securely streams to remote pathologists from any room the cart is located and can immediately consult directly from the operating or procedure room. Of course, the mobility of the cart wouldn’t be complete without multi-clinician session participation utilizing Windows® and Mac® capabilities and accessibility on the most popular mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets (i.e., iPhone™, iPad™, and Android™ devices).

A spacious 42’ x 24’ HDPE work surface allows for easy cleaning and disinfecting. The uniquely designed staining jar container can be easily cleaned and securely moved to any location on the large cart-top workspace to accommodate desired customizable cytotechnician workflows. Grommet-mounted, VESA compliant, monitor mounts are included for easy focal length adjustments and optimum viewing along with a surface mounted, anti-theft, security brackets for any microscope that keeps the unit securely in place.

The benefits of rapid onsite evaluations (ROSE) have been proven (as seen in the various posters presentations and journal articles posted on RMTs website). The enhanced user comfort minimizes the mobile cart operators fatigue and discomfort by allowing them to easily adjust the height of the cart and give them more freedom to do what they do best. This cart is a comprehensive cytology solution that integrates seamlessly with RMT’s technology. RMT Founder and CEO, Don Marchon, adds, ‘We have learned first-hand from our clients everything they need when it comes to ease of use and saving valuable time. A height-adjustable cart is an imperative tool for cytopathologists and technicians to streamline the important work they are doing to help save lives.” Immediate consultations on Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) biopsies are now faster and easier. This telecytology solution is ideal for medical facilities looking to save time and receive approved reimbursement assistance.