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iMedSecure™ Embedded with all Remote Medical Technologies Products

In response to recent large-scale global cyber attacks, clients can rest assured that security issues will have no effect when it comes to the iMedHD2™ Family of Telemedicine Products.

Remote Medical Technologies (RMT) is announcing that it has developed a telemedicine platform, in which their iMedSecure™ comes included with each system installation. RMT’s iMedHD2™ Telepathology and Teleultrasound Solutions both share encrypted live images to remote participants for real-time collaboration and immediate decision-making requirements. While never sharing IP addresses, RMT has made significant advancements in providing the utmost in safety for each medical facility.

Recent reports of global cyber-attacks on national health systems raised concerns that malicious software could spread to hospitals and medical facilities around the world. Warnings toward the healthcare sector of potential cybersecurity issues are not falling on deaf ears. Hospital IT departments are concerned that these attacks could perform a broad range of actions, especially patient data exfiltration. Through VPN implementation, iMedSecure™ was built into all iMedHD2™ Telepathology and Teleultrasound systems at inception ensuring complete patient information protection.

The iMedHD2™ Telemedicine System shares real-time images from your microscope, grossing station, and ultrasound machine securely with simply a browser. RMT’s hardened Linux-based Multi-Protocol Appliance (MPA) enables all participants to obtain live streaming video for instant decision-making with no apparent use of IP addresses. iMedHD2™ can also safely capture images, movie video, and audio (VoIP). RMT Founder and CEO, Don Marchon, prides his crew on the fact that “Administrators and IT Departments can rest assured that RMT’s founding technical team built the system on strict security guidelines. Our first-string security infrastructure has continually met and exceeded the most demanding requirements of well recognized medical facilities across the nation.” The iMedHD2™ Family of Telemedicine Products stand alone as the leading secure high definition and dynamic-live image sharing technology.

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