iMEDHD2 Telepathology System Validated for Fine and Transbronchial Needle Aspirations

Fostering a true team approach with discussions between pathologists, gastroenterologists, and surgeons taking place in live, real-time to collaborate on diagnoses.

Remote Medical Technologies, LLC. (RMT) has advanced the iMedHD2™ Telepathology and Ultrasound Systems for use with fine needle aspirations (FNA) and transbronchial needle aspirations (TBNA).  The stages in which biopsies are being performed are now changing due to the use of this innovative system.  Prolonged patient anxiety, insufficient cellularity, and the inability for doctors of different disciplines to communicate effectively in real-time for the benefit of the patient are aspects of this procedure that we are seeing being phased out.  Immediate diagnoses for such procedures are being given by pathologists, gastroenterologists, and surgeons due to the ease of use of the iMedHD2™ Telepathology and Ultrasound System. 

These systems allow doctors to securely stream and collaborate on high definition images and video, which can be integrated with existing LIS, HIS, EMR, and HER systems, in real-time as soon as material is aspirated for histological analysis.  CEO and Founder of RMT, Don Marchon, states, “Patients appreciate the fact that they are receiving the best immediate care, advice, and instructions from cross specialty medical experts.  This results in better patient treatments, outcomes, and significant cost saving benefits to the medical facility.  The ability to capture snapshots and record video with audio to be shared with colleagues anywhere, be it in the same hospital or in another city, is a great solution for problematic cells and false negative results.  Regardless of biopsies performed on a mass or ultrasound guided fine needle biopsies, once the cells are extracted a technician can quickly place a stained slide under a microscope for immediate shared analysis.”

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