Products Overview

iMedHD2™: A Browser Based Telemedicine Platform

Share, Collaborate, and Make Decisions – All In Real-Time

Now you can share tissue slides or gross/autopsy specimens – or make immediate decisions right from the operating room – with the iMedHD2™ telepathology system.

An ideal solution for pathologists, physicians and clinicians, iMedHD2™ enables you to share live 1080p HD imaging using only a web browser and Internet connection.

Whether you choose the iMedHD2™-Scope or the iMedHD2™-Grossing product, you can customize your system with add-ons to suit your healthcare organization’s needs.

iMedHD2™-Scope – Delivers exceptional image quality at both low and high magnification levels.

iMedHD2™-Grossing – Remote controlled system lets you stream images in real-time as well as measure and annotate gross/autopsy specimens.

Tele-Ultrasound – iMedHD2™ Tele-Ultrasound System gives doctors and technicians the advanced capabilities to collaborate with primary care physicians and other healthcare personnel for improved patient care.

Product PackagesiMedHD2™ Scope and Grossing product packages that address any telepathology requirement.

Product Add-Ons – Create a fully customized and cost-effective HD telepathology system for your organization.